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Moving Questions

Frequently Asked Moving Questions

When will the moving crew arrive on loading day?
Unless prior arrangements have been made, expect the moving crew between 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Are there any items that Mayflower cannot ship?
Yes. Before your possessions are loaded, it is important to understand which items cannot be shipped because they represent a hazard or are perishable. Utilize this link to see a complete list of these non-allowable items.

Do I have to be present for all phases of the move process?
Yes, because you are the most important participant in the move!

If our new home is not ready to move into, can we store our household goods?
Yes, but please let your move coordinator know as soon as possible so arrangements for storage can be made.

When should I contact you if we need to change our move schedule?
Call us as soon as possible, even if you are not sure of the new dates.

What information do you need to schedule my move?
Your name, present address including ZIP code, work and home phone numbers, your destination address including ZIP code, and new work and home phone numbers as soon as you get them. We also need to know any unusual items to be shipped - e.g., boats, tractors, autos, farm implements, etc. Other important information: preferred move dates, your Move Coordinator's name, and the best time to call and make an appointment to survey your household goods.

Will Mayflower also move high-value items from my home?
Yes; however, Mayflower must be advised in writing that they are included in your shipment. For a better understanding of the type of items considered to be high-value, please use this link to see a list of items of extraordinary value.

What should I do in the event of a claim on a damaged item?
You should first contact the move manager at the Mayflower agency handling your move, and inform them of the claim. If you need a claim form, utilize this link for a printable form now: Claim Form.

When will the Household Goods inventory take place?
At the time the mover's driver loads your shipment, he or she usually inventories your shipment listing any damage or unusual wear. The purpose is to make a record of the condition of each item. If the driver does not make an inventory, you should make one yourself. After completing the inventory, the driver will usually sign each page and ask you to sign each page. It is important before signing that you make sure the inventory lists every item in your shipment and the entries regarding the condition of each item are correct. You have the right to note any disagreement. When your shipment is delivered, if an item is missing or damaged, your ability to recover from the mover for any loss or damage may depend on the notations made. The driver will give you a copy of each page of the inventory. Attach the complete inventory to your copy of the Bill of Lading. It is your receipt for the goods. At the time your shipment is delivered, it is your responsibility to check the items delivered against the items listed on your inventory. If new damage is discovered, make a record of it on the inventory form. Call the damage to the attention of the driver and request that a record of the damage be made on the driver's copy of the inventory. After the complete shipment is unloaded, the driver will request that you sign the driver's copy of the inventory to show that you received the items listed. Do not sign until you have assured yourself that it is accurate and that proper notations have been entered regarding any missing or damaged items. When you sign the inventory, you are giving the driver a receipt for your goods.

What is included in the carrier's unpacking service?
Unpacking includes the carrier removing your belongings from the container and placing them on a flat surface for the transferee to put away. The carrier will also remove any cartons or packing materials you do not wish to keep.

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The whole experience wreaked of Professionalism. I guess I’m like everyone else in that I may not have much, but what I have is important to me….And that same attitude was reflected by the men that moved me. They displayed the utmost care in making sure that everything was properly packed and carefully loaded and reversed the process upon delivery.

I salute the owner Susan Armstrong Cain in proving that a Family owned and operated business is still the best way to do business.

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